What Blackmagic Videohub products does RouteMaster support?

RouteMaster can control all Blackmagic Videohub models, using the native Blackmagic Videohub protocol over TCP/IP, as described in the Videohub SDKs.

Micro VideoHub, Compact Videohub, Universal Videohub, and Smart Videohub units are controlled directly over TCP/IP, via their on-board ethernet connections.

Broadcast Videohub and Studio Videohub models only have a USB control port, so must be connected to a host computer (Mac or WIndows) running Blackmagic’s VideoHub software. RouteMaster then connects to the host computer via IP, using the native protocol mentioned above.

TCP/IP connections means that the router’s RS-422 port (where fitted) remains free for direction connection of legacy control systems, if required.

Videohub Control Panels

Because RouteMaster also allows incoming clients to use Videohub Native protocol, both Videohub Smart Control and Videohub Master Control panels can be used to control legacy routers from other vendors. Here’s how to configure that.