Using the Miranda PCS Emulator with Helm

Helm’s Miranda PCS Emulator allows Helm panels to emulate the Miranda Presmaster Control System from an automation systems point of view.

The automation system connects to the Helm PC via a serial port, and sends Presmaster Protocol commands. The emulator received these commands and generates the appropriate tallies.


To use this component, drag a PCS Emulator icon from the Parts Bin (Broadcast Devices/Other) onto the panel. Set the serial Port, BaudRate and Parity options to match the automation system.

When the panel is run the emulator will communicate with the automation system and reply to all received messages. Incoming messages can be displayed in Helm’s log window by setting the emulator’s ‘LoggingLevel’ property to LOG_DEBUG.

Currently, incoming commands are simply processed internally by the emulator.  The emulator cannot be used to connect a video router or branding engine to an automation system.