Using Elgato Stream Deck with Helm

Elgato’s Stream Deck is handy USB button “shot-box” that can be used for quick access to a wide range of control functions. It’s easy to integrate it with Helm – or other Rascular products – for control of broadcast systems. Here we’ll look at a few ways of using this device.

Launching Helm panels

The simplest integration is just using StreamDeck to launch a Helm panel.  With the Stream Deck software, choose a key and assign the System/Open action to the key. choose the Helm panel as the file to open.

You can assign your own icon to the button, or just use a Rascular Icon like this one.

Running Helm scripts

Once your panel is opened, you can use Stream Deck to control devices on the panel. Create a normal Helm button on your panel, and set the button’s HotKey property to a key combination of your choice.

Now, in Stream Deck, use the System/HotKey action to trigger the button. This requires the Helm panel to be active for it to receive the hotkey.  You can set the button invisible in Helm, and the action will still trigger from Stream Deck..

You can also use Stream Deck with BitFocus Companion and Rascular’s RouteMaster to control a wide range of video routing systems, including NewTek NDI routing.