With Helm 4.7.1, you can now show simple dialog boxes and alerts in Helm panels.

You can use these with Lua scripting from PC-based Helm panels (but not WebPanels yet…)

The script functions are available using the RootPanel object, and are as follows

  • H.RootPanel:ShowError()
  • H.RootPanel:ShowWarning()
  • H.RootPanel:ShowInformation()

Each can take up to three parameters – the primary message, some details, and “expanded” information which is initially hidden from the user.  Here’s a sample

H.RootPanel:ShowError("Something bad happened","The details...", "and some extra stuff" )

You can use just a single parameter.

H.RootPanel:ShowError("Something bad happened")


Asking Questions

There are two functions for prompting the user input: AskYesNo and WarnOkCancel. Again, they take up to three parameters, but they return a boolean value ‘true’ if the user selects Yes or OK

if H.RootPanel:AskYesNo("Continue?") then


File Load and Save dialogs

… to be completed…