Showing Message dialogs and prompts in Helm panels

With Helm 4.7.1, you can now show simple dialog boxes and alerts in Helm panels.

You can use these with Lua scripting from PC-based Helm panels (but not WebPanels yet…)

The script functions are available using the RootPanel object, and are as follows

  • H.RootPanel:ShowError()
  • H.RootPanel:ShowWarning()
  • H.RootPanel:ShowInformation()

Each can take up to three parameters – the primary message, some details, and “expanded” information which is initially hidden from the user.  Here’s a sample

H.RootPanel:ShowError("Something bad happened","The details...", "and some extra stuff" )

You can use just a single parameter.

H.RootPanel:ShowError("Something bad happened")


Asking Questions

There are two functions for prompting the user input: AskYesNo and WarnOkCancel. Again, they take up to three parameters, but they return a boolean value ‘true’ if the user selects Yes or OK

if H.RootPanel:AskYesNo("Continue?") then


File Load and Save dialogs

… to be completed…