RouteMaster command line options

RouteMaster can be passed options via the command line that affect the operation of the program.

  • -f </path/to/folder>

    Overrides the folder path used for RouteMaster configuration and logging files. If omitted, these are stored in the user’s application data folder, typically C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Rascular\RouteMaster and C:\ProgramData\Rascular\RouteMaster.
    You must use this option to run multiple RouteMaster instances on the same machine, with each instance using a different folder.

  • -p <port>

    Specifies the TCP/IP port number to be used for the REST API between the backend server and the front end GUI. If omitted, a port is dynamically chosen.  Use this option if you are running the back-end and front-end independently, and need the port number to be fixed

  • -c <http://hostname:port>

    Run RouteMaster just as a front-end GUI, connecting to a back-end server (which you’d start with the -p option). The option value is the full URL of the RouteMaster back-end system.

These options are available from RouteMaster and RouteMaster VR V2.2.0 onwards.