PC Requirements for Rascular Software

Rascular products all run on Microsoft Windows, and are designed to run on typical desktop and rack-mount systems without specific hardware requirements. We recommend either Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Windows Server versions 2016 onwards are also supported.

We recommend a 64-bit OS for new installations.

For most software. any PC or server meeting Microsoft’s minimum requirement for the operating system is suitable, but – as always – faster systems with more memory may give better performance, particularly if other applications are being run on the same system.

NDI products, including CastAway and ViewMaster have higher requirements, which are documented elsewhere.

Microsoft – and computer hardware vendors – continually release updated drivers, security updates and Service Packs for their operating systems and software. We strongly suggest your computers should be continually kept up to date with these.

Cloud Installations and Virtual Machines

Rascular software is regularly tested on various VM’s, and should run satisfactorily on any virtual machine capable of running the operating systems listed above.