Mediant version history

V2.1.3.1 09-Sep-2014

  • Fixed regression bug with device detection

V2.1.3.0 20-May-2014

  • Rebranding
  • Check for support license validity before installation
  • Added User Guide to installer
  • Added Support Website link into help menu

V2.1.2.0 20-Oct-2013

  • Support for Unicode filenames on Imagestores
  • Fix for missing thumbnails on Linux-based devices

V2.1.1.0 22-Sept-2011

  • Fix for Preference reset bug

V2.1.0 22-Sept-2011

  • LGK-3901 now supports Fonts and Audio files
  • IS-750 V3/V4 health warnings fixed
  • Shell Extension is now not installed on X64 operating systems
  • Evaluation license is now not installed automatically. Contact [email protected].
  • Unicode IDE build

V2.0.1.9 8-March-2010

  • Minor changes to error/warning dialogs.

V2.0.1.6 beta 28-July-2009

  • Added support for LGK-3901

V2.0.1.4 beta 9-July-2009

  • Fix for converted images not loading on IS-750 if alpha channel not present
  • Added JPEG2000 support
  • Updated FreeImage and LMD libraries

V2.0.1.3 beta 6-March-2009

  • Fix for faulty IS750 ISINFOEX command in IS750 V2.x

V2.0.0.48: 19/02/2009

  • Increased maximum available transfer speed for Is300/750/Intuition
  • Pull Mirror from Intuition now pulls all video format files.
  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Support for IS-750, including
    • Fan speed alarms
    • Dual PSU monitoring alarm
    • Input status alarms
    • Reference alarms
    • All internal voltages, etc. displayed in device properties
    • Input and Reference statuses displayed in device properties
  • Digitally signed application and installer
  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Audio File format and sample rate conversions between WAV, AIFF, AU, OXW and OXE formats
  • Addition of local windows folders to IMM device tree
  • Addition of FTP devices to IMM device tree
  • Support date expiry within license
  • SNMP Traps now resent at intervals

V1.13.0: 12/01/2007

  • Functionally unchanged from 1.13.0 beta 1
  • Fixed Intuition Mirroring problems
  • Added audio file support for Intuition+
  • SNMP Trap generation (Host IP, Trap type and uptime now correct)
  • Sorting by file times now correct in details view
  • Clip file support for Intuition (and Intuition+)
  • OXW Support for IS300

V1.11.2 12/12/2005

  • Fixed bug with display of expiry dates in Detail View
  • Fixed bugs with IS status checking in large systems
  • Added retries before marking units as offline
  • Automatic evaluation license creation reinstated
  • Prompt if closing program while transfers are in progress
  • Program shutdown aborting transfers in progress now works cleanly

V1.11 28/10/2005

  • Release version – unchanged from Beta 2

V1.11 Beta 2 – 18/10/2005

  • “Automatic Thumbnailing” option to disable default thumbnail retrieval
  • Enhanced performance with very large directories
  • Transfer Errors reported by IS2 are now logged correctly.
  • Enhanced thumbnail filtering
  • Fixed problem with restoring backups
  • Thumbnail retrieval is now aborted when closing browser window
  • Uses FastMM4
  • Updated FreeImage (3.8.0) library

V1.11 Beta – 29/08/2005

  • Log files stored permanently.
  • IS-300 Support
  • Imagestore Intuition support
  • IS-HD Support
  • Tabbed browsing for file types
  • Improved font thumbnailing via freetype
  • Automatic media expiry.
  • Enhanced preferences page

X1.07.. X1.10 – Internal releases.

V1.06 Release candidate 1 29/09/04

  • New license file support – multiple [cumulative] license files now allowed.
  • HTML Log file format
  • Fix problem with repeated transfer attempts of corrupted files for thumbnailing
  • Support for PNG, PSD, PCX and TIFF file formats.
  • Support for Intuition animations (RGBA format)
  • Unified font look
  • Corrected problems with certain XP Themes
  • Intuition Icon available in properties
  • Includes new Network Scan dialog
  • Re-branded as Miranda Imagestore Media Manager
  • Minor tweaks for IS-HD
  • Changes to HD detection (no oxsox “GetISInfo”, no temperature/volts)
  • Added Rec709 YUV conversion for HD (intrinsic conversion in file format conversion – won’t happen dragging an OXT from A to B)
  • .Oxt files now use tagfile format to support “Rec709” tag.
  • Corrected LSB rounding errors on RGB/YUV/RGB conversions.
  • Added “Ping Enable” option in Network setup prefs. Deselect this if ICMP packets can’t reach your devices.
  • Added separate Ping, Connect and Read timeout values
  • “Determine device status” now occurs on all devices in parallel, improving startup performance on large systems.
  • Licenses info now tabbed properly.
  • Fixed bug with voltages matching limits reported as error but with no message.
  • Altered algorithm for thumbnail/info retrieval – always attempt to construct a thumbnail ourselves if Imagestore refuses to.
  • Detection of non-VxWorks systems (IS-HD, Intuition)
  • 5v Analog errors reported correctly
  • IS2 Health alerts shown in YELLOW on properties page
  • Thumbnailing of CLP files in shell extension
  • IS2 Health now updates automatically in ‘properties’ page.
  • Voltage/temperature faults indicated with red icon on main screen
  • Voltage/temperature faults reported via SNMP
  • IS2 license information now displayed
  • IS2 error log viewable in properties.
  • Generate VXT thumbs correctly by retrieving images
  • Transfers from IS to desktop now show status correctly – but Mediant is ‘busy’ while you’re doing it.
  • Added system health to IS properties
  • License tab added to IS properties (not yet populated)
  • IS Alarm limits settable in Preferences page ( Note – alarms not generated yet!)
  • FTP device support, with configurable target file format (stills only)
  • Tree node “expanded” state now saved in config files
  • VXT file support
  • “Enabled” flag for devices to allow faulty devices to be disabled from fault reporting
  • Regular ‘refreshes’ when building thumbnails
  • Percentage shown in transfer status
  • Log file extension defaults correctly to .txt
  • Popup thumbnail image in context menu
  • Popup thumbnail image in item hints
  • Device ‘error’ messages now shown as ‘hints’, and propagate back up the tree.
  • “View” menu allows log to be switched on/off.
  • Prompt message for “scan network” box.
  • Corrected crash caused by repeatedly choosing “rebuild thumbnails”.

V1.05 6/6/2004

  • Basic SNMP trap generation for device online/offline.
  • “Width Limit” on file conversions for IS2 V1 compatibility.
  • Mirror list window position now corrected.
  • “Auto-Transfer” of edited files now supported. If you double-click a image or audio file, it is transferred from the Imagestore and opened with the assigned application as before. However, if you now modify and SAVE the file then the modified file will be sent back to the Imagestore when you exit the editor application.
  • Flicker when resizing browser windows now fixed.

V1.04 15/5/2004

  • Adjustable timeouts now fully supported.
  • Bug with retrieval of title information now fixed.
  • Shell extension uses thumbnail cache directories to improve performance.

V1.03 13/4/2004

  • Backup and Restore added
  • Commander can be launched directly from Mediant.
  • Support for Quantel VPB files (auto-conversion, thumbnailing)
  • Drag/Drop reordering of devices
  • Paths for application data files now correct for multi-user installations
  • Imagestore clock synchronization
  • Optional “Crop to Key” on image transfers
  • ‘Opening’ media occurs in background
  • Transfers between devices operates correctly – and in background
  • Display of Disk space
  • Image library usage display
  • Browser windows are now independent of main application window
  • Browser windows appear in default positions
  • Title/Width/Height for IS1/early IS2 now maintained correctly.
  • Drag directory to devices
  • Drag graphic to device (from Photoshop, IE, etc.)
  • Uses new installer for easier deployment
  • File timestamps maintained correctly during all transfer operations to and from Imagestores
  • New thumbnail graphics for Fonts, Audio and MPEG clips
  • Thumbnails for IS1/Early IS2 now rebuilt correctly – IS1 internal cache NOT used
  • Improved image quality for mediant-built thumbnails.
  • Automatic thumbnail generation on transfers
  • Improved directory scanning efficiency

V1.02 23/12/03

  • XP Theme compatibility
  • Ability to select columns and sort on “Details view” (Also on mirroring)
  • Restrict files retrieved from IS1 by mirroring
  • Place IS1 and “Early” IS2 remote thumbnails in correct directory on device.
  • Incorporated license system.
  • Subnet can now be altered at Network Scan time.
  • Corrected some spurious log messages.

V1.01 23/11/03

  • Added Directory Mirroring
  • Import MIF file titles.
  • Corrected bugs in Properties Dialog
  • Built using new installer
  • Incorporates new shell extensions, with Width/Height/Xpos/Ypos column info, and better infotips.