How to edit RouteMaster’s configuration file manually

Sometimes you’ll need to override the standard settings that RouteMaster uses to connect to certain routers. This might be timeouts, passwords, name lengths, or other protocol-specific functions.

This isn’t possible in the RouteMaster UI, but can be done by manually editing the JSON configuration file.  Open the configuration file in your text editor of choice. Regular Notepad is OK, but we prefer Notepad++ and Visual Studio Code which have good support for JSON files.

You’ll find the configuration file here:


or for RouteMaster NDI, here:


Look for the section relating to your router, and locate the RouterData value which will be null initially.

Add any keys and values as instructed by Rascular Support. For example, to change the length of names requested from a Pro-Bel SW-P-08 router, you would add a value like this:

This requests the 8-character names instead of the “Long” 12 character ones that are used by default.

Save the file, and restart RouteMaster.