GPI Modules

Helm GPI/O modules can be used to control any equipment which accepts GPI triggers. Each module connect to Helm PCs via Ethernet, and can be shared between many PCs. The modules are manufactured by Advantech, and firmware upgrades and manuals are available from their support page.

GPI modules also have GPI inputs, which can trigger scripts. A separate script can be defined for each change of state of an input.

Installation and Configuration

Power Up:

HELM GPI Modules require an external unregulated power supply of between 10 and 30V DC, at around 2W. Many standard plug-top or desktop supplies can be used. Connect the supply to the GPI module using the screw terminals, and apply power. The Status LED should flash RED when power is connected.


Connect the GPI Module to a network hub or switch via a standard CAT 5 network cable. The Status light should flash green or yellow, depending on the connection type and speed.

IP Address Configuration

Because the HELM-GPI-6050 module uses TCP/IP and Ethernet, it requires an IP Address and subnet mask like any other device connected over a LAN. First, install the ADVANTECH “ADAM-5000TCP/6000” Utility software from the enclosed Mini-CD. Do not install any other software from this CD.


Follow the familiar install process…


Now, Launch the ADAM utility program. After a network search at startup, you should see a screen like this:


Select the ADAM6050 Module, and click the Network tab. If you are asked for a PASSWORD, enter “00000000”.

You can now enter a suitable IP address and network mask for your GPI Module, and click “Apply”. Ask your network administrator to allocate you an IP address if your are unfamiliar with this.



Your GPI Module is now ready for use with HELM. To test this, open the example panel “GPI-6050.helm” in the Example Panels folder, and adjust the IP address of the GPI-6050 icon to match.


The Panel allows you to switch GPI outputs on and off, and to monitor the state of the 12 GPI input lines.


The ADAM Utility software is not typically required once your module IP address is configured. It is not used by Helm, and can be uninstalled if desired.