Determining Snell Rollcall control parameters

When you’re making Helm control a particular parameter on a RollCall card, then list of available properties can be quite daunting. Here’s how to determine which properties to use with Helm

Run RollCall Control Panel


You’ll need to use Snell’s RollCall Control Panel to locate the cards and parameters you want to control. Find the control that you want to use with Helm, and check that it works correctly from RollCall. In this example, we’ll use one of the Phase Invert functions on an IQSYN21.

Viewing the command number


We now need to find the RollCall ‘command number’, as Rollcall objects don’t always have sensible unique names. Luckily, RollCall gives us a great tool to do this with. Just open the Preferences dialog, and make sure that “Show Command Numbers” is enabled.

Mouse over the control to see the command number.


As you move the mouse over each control. Rollcall will show you the Command Number (and possible a value, after the colon). Make a note of the number.

Link a Helm button to the control number


Now, back to Helm : I’ll assume you’ve already placed Frame and Card icons for the rollcall card on your Helm panel.
Add a button, and doubleclick the PropertyLink property, to open up the property selector.

Enter the Command Number in the Filter box.


Enter the Command Number (37361) in the filter box. This will hide all non-matching commands. “Drill down” to locate the correct command – you will see the command number shown in the “Details” column.

Double-click on the Embed 1 Invert R property to select it.