Commander version history

V1.3.1.1 05/09/13

  • Fix : Reading Voltage/Temperatures causes crash with LGK-3901
  • Fix : License file doesn’t display right in XP Installer

V1.3.1.0 05/09/13

  • Fix for multiple ports on same IP
  • Fix for Datasource reading
  • Updated logos
  • Unicode filename support
  • Added support website link
  • Added licence pre-check to installer

V1.3.0 12/10/12

    Added ChannelPort support

  • Logo position/masks now HD aware
  • Workaround for IS750 V4’s Preset load bug.
  • Fix audio gain and shuffle preset setting issues.

V1.24 27/7/10

  • Added: Audio gain and shuffle presets (IS750 only)
  • Added: Datasource readback
  • Fix Truetype font listing bug
  • Fix bug causing logos to ‘jump’ onair.

V1.23 30/3/10

  • Support for LGK-3901 (5 keyers)
  • Fixed inversion of clip/gain/transparency
  • Support for DVE preview channel.
  • Support for Mixer A/B input selection on IS-750
  • Default bitmap cache in users vendor data directory (Vista SP2/Windows 7 security fix)

V1.22 1/5/08

  • Fixed colour of disabled edit controls
  • AB Mixer ‘fader’ now tracks according to tally
  • Detection of IS300
  • correct for dual fill/key
  • Support F3+K3 on IS-750

V1.21 18/12/07

  • IS-750 Support:
  • Four DSK and four FTB support on IS750
  • Dual Fill/Key inputs support for IS750 and IS300+
  • IS750 Input Status and Reference Status display
  • IS750 Clean Feed and Monitor Feed controls.
  • Fix for problems with audio shuffling
  • Digitally signed executable and setup.
  • Fixed VFade colour on IS750/IS300
  • Fixed network connect performance problems
  • Fixed DEP problem

V1.20 12/10/06

  • Added “Video Preview” selection (Misc tab.)
  • Added “Serial port Baud Rate” selection (Misc tab.)
  • Added “Pass Close Captioning” selection (Misc tab.)
  • Added “Image Load Mode” selection (Keyer tab.)
  • Added foreign script handling option ‘per device’ instad of global
  • Added default timeouts in Preferences dialog
  • Added “Fast” and “Slow” network scans in “Find Imagestores2 dialog (fix XP SP2 problem)
  • Added numeric entry for key clip,gain and transparency

V1.18 beta 2 08/08/05

  • Corrected handling of expired license files.
  • Audio Data path controls in EasySound page. Note that current settings can not be read back at this time.

V1.18 beta 1 14/07/05

  • Fix for Intuition (and IS-300 V1) incorrectly reporting swap-preview mode.
  • Removed in Beta 2
  • Added “Find Imagestores…” command to scan subnet for Imagestore devices.
  • 3D DVE detection (no preset editing available)
  • Minor font corrections in Easytext dialog page.

V1.17 Release 30/03/05

  • Support of Imagestore Intuition
    All Imagestore Intuition keying layers can be controlled from Commander.
    An additional license is needed for every Imagestore Intuition.
  • Image Selection dialog now only shows valid types.
  • Thumbnail cache was broken – Thumbnail cache now operates correctly.
  • “Floating Point Division by Zero” error in image selector fixed.
  • Added ‘selection’ button to Image filename box.
  • Removed unwanted tabs from Intuition systems
  • Cleaned up some minor graphic issues
  • fixed bug with non-unicode text delivery

V1.16 Release 7/02/05

  • Added Cut/Fade and Fade/Cut modes
  • Initial support for Intuition SERIF option

V1.15 Release 16/06/04

  • Added GPI input status, GPI event triggering, and GPI output control to MISC tab
  • Added button for GPI manager integration
  • Removed ‘Test Command’ function
  • Removed all dependency on OXSOX dll.

V1.14 Release 13/04/04

  • Allows command line option to start commander with a specified Imagestore. – used for Mediant/Helm integration
  • Manager and Control windows can now be independently minimized.

V1.13 Release 15/2/04

  • Corrected Installer problems – now using INNO setup.
  • Supports operation and installation by non-admin users.
  • If installed by administrator, will be available and visible in all users “Start” menus.
  • If installed by non-administrator, will be visible only to that user.
  • Each user’s configuration file [Commander-IS.ini] is kept separate, so Imagestore list can be set for each user.
  • Note, when you first upgrade from an earlier version, the older Commander-IS.ini will be copied to the correct location.
  • Thumbnail cache directory can now be specified in preferences – directory format now compatible with Mediant.

V1.12 Release 22/12/03

  • Windows XP Themes compatibility
  • Site License Support
  • Updated Installer
  • Numeric entry boxes can now be ‘dragged’ to change values.

V1.11 Release 22/7/03

  • Added “Swap” button in Keyer tab for swap/preview mode.
  • Added Temp/Voltage display in Misc tab.
  • Added IS2 timeout param in IS2 properties.
  • Added advanced script processing (joining, ligatures) for Arabic scripts.
  • Easytext items now cleared if invalid box number is selected.
  • Easytext “Text box” info updates correctly after layer switch.

V1.10 Release 17/6/03

  • DVE Preset copy and paste
  • DVE shotbox selection
  • DVE Preset numeric parameter editing
  • DVE Preset independent crop editing
  • MPEG playout support
  • Unicode/BIDI support in Easytext “Text” and “Datasource” boxes
  • Modified thumbnail algorithms for IS2 V2.16 compatibility.
  • Improved thumbnail cache for multiple IS2s
  • Added “logging” pane to Manager window.
  • “Save setup” now holds current window position/size
  • Easytext “Update style” and “Update Shadow” buttons removed (For IS2 V2.12 or later)
  • Optimised out extra query commands when duplicate tallies are received
  • Removed some minor memory leaks with thumbnails and multiple windows.
  • Rebranded with new Rascular logo/icon
  • Allows connection to units with no comms on licensed software to view menus.

V1.00 beta 5 21/3/02

  • Corrected problem where failed to read license codes after installation by Administrator under NT.

V1.00 beta 4

  • Name change to “Commander-IS” from IS-Control (iControl conflict!)
  • Support for AB Mix query in latest IS2 S/W
  • Support for Input Colour field query in latest IS2 S/W
  • Support for Text Style query in latest IS2 S/W
  • Reading/setting Audio input shuffles requires IS2 V2.11b12 or later

V1.00 beta 3 – first official pre-release.

  • Support for video/audio tallies from Imagestore
  • Numeric entry for most parameters
  • Easysound support
  • Easyplay support
  • Bugclock support
  • IS-Manager window controls and monitors Imagestores
  • Receives lists of Easyplay files, fonts and image files from Imagestore.
  • Uses licensing mechanism similar to ET-Updater
  • Known Issues
  • Problems typing into numeric entry boxes with negative numbers
  • Updating Easytext Background requires ‘Update Background’ to be sent twice! (Imagestore problem)