Xpression Automation Gateway: Version history

V2.1.1.1: 03-AUG-2018
  • Filter out Gateway metadata scene (_GW_Metadata) from R4/R5 responses
  • Fix Unicode bug introduced in
V2.1.1.0: 02-AUG-2018
  • R4/R5 and YB commands/tallies now work across all loaded projects
  • R4/R5 return ‘unknown’ for unsupported directories e.g. $FONTS
  • Fix bug with configurable datalinq separators
  • Accept unescaped “|” characters as datalinq separators in R0 command
  • Send YA Preload tallies
V2.1.0.0: 29-NOV-2017
  • Add R4 and R5 commands to enumerate scenes
  • Add YB command and tallies to notify when media changes are detected
V2.0.0.21: 10-DEC-2015
  • Fix for deprecated multiple queries in single packet (Imagine D-MAS)
V2.0.0.20: 2-DEC-2015
  • Full release with Project Server synchronization
V2.0.0.10 beta: 04-07-2014
  • Uses Show/Category/Style to select projects to sync.
  • Loading scene with name containing ‘bar’ character updates “GATEWAY” Datalinq key.e.g. load “Scene42|777” will load “Scene 42” then set key GATEWAY to 777
  • Unused projects are now unloaded once a newer revision is deployed and loaded.
V1.2.1.2 beta : 04-FEB-2014
  • Workaround for fade commands received while scene is still loading.
V1.2.1.0 beta : 20-JAN-2014
  • Add GetDatasource commands (m4, m5)
  • Use DISPID-based dispatch for better API compatibility (fixes dynamic text issues)
  • Bugfixes for Upstream Delay support
  • Updated branding with new Ross corporate logo
V1.2.0.0 beta : 06-DEC-2013

Rework COM objects to prevent leaks (warning – scenese laoded by gateway may be removed from air when gateway is closed)
Added Upstream Delay support (Proof of concept – NTSC dropframe only at present)

Older versions

V1.1.1.6 beta : 29-NOV-2013

  • Add ‘Load’ buttons to UI for Scene load testing

V1.1.1.5 beta : 16-NOV-2013

  • Fix performance issue causing Xpression lag

V1.1.1.4 beta : 8-AUG-2013

  • Framebuffer number and TCP/IP ports cna be configured in the .INI file
  • “-i<filename>” command line option allows selectable ini file to be used.
  • S0/S1 commands now correctly pause and resume timeline, rather than restart from beginning.

V1.1.1.2 beta : 1-AUG-2013

  • Parity and baud rate are configurable via keys in the .INI file:

V1.1.0.43 beta : 1-MAR-2013

  • Added “R3/R6” Image enquire commands
  • Added “A” Erase Store command
  • Accepts (but ignores) “YB” Media Tally command

V1.1.0.42 beta : 23-JAN-2013

  • Corrected memory leaks
  • Supports Font Tags in Z0 (Text Box) and M0 (Datasource) commands. Example: “{1}Use fonts one,{2}two, and {Font3}three”

V1.1.0.41 beta : 22-JAN-2013

  • Z0 and Z3 Text Box command support. Text objects in scene should be named “BoxN” where N is decimal number of box.

V1.1.0.40 beta : 16-JAN-2013

  • Improved R7 Image Preload Support

V1.1.0.39 beta : 21-DEC-2012

  • Built against Xpression 4.1 build 2125

V1.1.0.25 beta : 18-JUL-2012

  • Fixed problem with baud rate settings

V1.1.0.24 beta : 17-JUL-2012

  • Built against XPression 3.70 SDK

V1.1.0.23 beta : 12-APR-2012

  • Now requires license file to run
  • Supports serial ports
  • Tested with XPression 3.6
  • NOTE that serial port settings are 38400 baud, 1 Stop and 8 Data, no Parity. They are not currently configurable.