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Changes from to

  • Fixed issue with database not being located by service

  • Improved installation process resilience - uninstalls and upgrade installs should now correctly remove/restart the BXF Service

  • BXF Service will now auto-create and update database if required.

Notes on upgrading from ProDrive to Polaris Play: Ingest

a: Uninstall first!

Please uninstall ProDrive if it's currently installed

b: Copy licenses

Prodrive licenses (*.lice) will work fine with Polaris Play Ingest, but they'll need to be moved from the ProDrive folder
to the Polaris Play Ingest folder.

Move *.lice from C:\Program Files(x86)\Omneon\ProDrive to C:\Program Files(x86)\Harmonic\Polaris Play Ingest.

c: Prodrive & Polaris Play Ingest Registry entries.

ProDrive has some hidden configuration settings accessibly only via the Windows registry.

Polairs Play Ingest supports the same settings, but they are in a different location. If any of these settings have been
modified manually by RegEdit, they will need to be copied to the new location.
Old location : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Omneon\\ProDrive\Config
New location : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Harmonic\Polaris Play Ingest\Config

Registry Entries :

STRING: Password : password for access to configuration screen.
STRING: DatabaseLocation: location of SQLite database for BXF and scheduled ingest
BOOL: AllowCrashRecordOverwrites: Allows crash record to overwrite existing clips,
BOOL: AllowMultipleInstances : Allows multiple ProDrive instances to be run (DO NOT DOCUMENT : INTERNAL TESTING USE ONLY!!!)
BOOL: EnableSecondaryServer : A CNN special mode, where all records also happen on a secondary server
BOOL: EnableSecondaryMediaManagement : Enabled media management on the secondary server above
BOOL: PreventDeletes : Folders and clips can't be deleted.

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DateFebruary 13, 2015
PlatformsWindows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7