Why do I see “Incompatible Client/Server versions” with Harmonic Spectrum?

This error is generated by the Omneon/Harmonic Player API if the 32-bit DLL version being used by the PC client is incompatible with the Spectrum system.

The DLL file in question is omplrlib.dll and Helm has it’s own copy in C:\Program Files(x86)\Rascular\Helm Designer.

Helm installs the latest available version of the DLL if none is currently installed. Helm V4.5.6 installs Harmonic’s 8.3.0 DLL.

You can replace Helm’s DLL with an older version, available from Harmonic.  Harmonic should be able to advise you of the correct version for your Spectrum system, but Helm should be compatible with most versions.

Note that 64-bit DLL versions are not compatible with Helm.