Using Sierra Aspen router control panels with RouteMaster.

Sierra Video’s Aspen 16×16, 32×32 and 72×72 hardware router panels can be used to control any router connected to Routemaster, regardless of make.


Here’s how to set it up.

Enable Sierra Aspen emulation in the Client configuration dialog. The TCP/IP port should be 10001

Make sure your router is correctly configured and connected to RouteMaster, and can be controlled from the RouteMaster main screen.

Next, we need to configure the panel to communicate with RouteMaster.Open any web browser, and navigate to the IP address of the Aspen panel. You’ll need to log in. The default password is ‘password’.

We need to enter the IP address of the Routemaster system PC as the “Routing Switcher IP Address” and click ‘Save’..

Next, check in the ‘Advanced’ tab that comms are set to use TCP protocol.

Again, click ‘save’ if you need to make a change. If Routemaster is running and configured, you’ll see the following when you switch back to the “About” tab.

If successful, you’ll also see the panel IP shown in the Routemaster main screen.

Programming the panel for source and destination selection is performed using the panel’s built-in web pages in the usual way.

Please note that any firewall software or systems must be configured to allow the RouteMaster PC to receive incoming connections on port 10001. If you believe this is a problem consult your local IT administrator.