Using parameters in Helm Clockwork

You can add parameters to Helm Clockwork events to make them more flexible and easy to use. For example if you’re controlling router takes using Helm Clockwork you can set up event parameters for the router inputs or outputs. Here’s how it works.

Let’s add a parameter to this router take event


Here’s the router take event we created in “How to use Clockwork” article.

Name the first parameter Input and select parameter type Number


Set the range of the parameter


Helm helps you make sure that only valid parameter values can be used. So you can set the minimum and maximum values and the step to be used for the increment up and down controls.

Now click the Edit button to set up the script


Here’s the steps:

1 – click on the Edit button to open the script editor

2 – check the Variable box for the router input

3 – select the Clockwork engine

4 – select EventParam1 as the value to be used

5 – click Update to update the script

Click OK to exit the script editor and OK again to save the Event Type

Now let’s run the panel and see how it works


Right-click in the Clockwork Manager and add the event MyEvent.

Set the input number


Use the up/down arrows to set the input number or type in the value required.
Adjust the time and date etc. and click OK to save the event.

Ready to go