Registering a Serial Number

You will need the serial number of your software. This normally is in the licence information pack accompanying the software. There is space on the first page of this manual to record any serial numbers.

Click the ‘Register’ button in the ‘About box’. You will be shown the registration dialog, which looks like this.

Now enter the Serial Number, and click ‘Check’. You will see a message, and the Support Code will now be shown. The support code is unique to your PC and your serial number.

Now, contact Rascular Technology via email, fax or telephone, quoting both the serial number and support code.

You will be given an Authorization code, which you should then enter into the dialog, and click ‘Check’. If the code is accepted, the ‘About’ box will now show the number of Imagestores licensed.

Moving Licenses to other PCs

If you need to move your license to different PC, and you have registered a serial number, you will require a new authorization code. Please go through the process above, and Rascular will be happy to provide this.

If you have a license file, you can simply copy this from the old PC to the new one.  Note that some license files are node-locked to a specific IP address. If you need to move these licenses to another PC, you will require a new license file. Rascular will be happy to provide these for you.

Upgrading Software

If you install a newer version of ET-Updater on top of an earlier version, all your licensing details will be preserved.

Upgrading your License

If you wish to purchase additional licenses to control more units – or to run the software on additional computers, please contact Rascular, who will be able to issue upgraded license codes and additional serial numbers.

You may also upgrade to ET-Updater Pro or Timebase in the same manner.