Testing HELM with Lynx APPolo and C3Local software

You can use LYNX Technik’s C3Local software to test Helm operation with a software emulation of Lynx hardware.

Note: APPolo V5.0.x  does not operate correctly with Helm. You should avoid this version, and use 4.9.0 instead.

Please follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Download the c3local  software from the Lynx websiteCurrently, version 4.9.0 is recommended.
  2. You can either install it on the same PC as Helm, or a different one. Follow the usual install procedure.
  3. Start the application. If you have a firewall installed, you will see a dialog like this.lynxlocal001Click “Allow Access” to enable access to C3Local. For other firewalls, a similar procedure will be required.
  4. Click on the Local Server “Configuration” tab, and add the following key/value:REMOTE_WINDOWS_AUTHENTICATION_ALWAYS_OK = truelynxlocal002
  5. Click on the Connection Tab, and then press the “Connect…” button
  6. Enable “Simulation”. The main device tree should now show a series of populated card frames.
  7. Close and Restart C3Local application.

C3Local is now ready or use with Helm. See Getting started with HELM control of LYNX 5000 series cards for more details.