Sample Panels

Here are various sample Helm panels to show how devices and visual controls work together:

Icon of Application Panels Application Panels

    ExtConfigPanel (0.9 MiB)
    Panel example that is configured by an external Lua file.
    HelmIdleDemo (0.9 MiB)
    demo panel showing the use of helm.idle()
    IS750-master (1.1 MiB)
    Sample panel showing Helm Master Control application for IS750.
    LGK-master (1.1 MiB)
    Sample LGK3901 Master Control panel
    Multitake (97 KiB)
    Helm sample panel showing how to implement user-programmable router salvos.
    PnlConfig (2 KiB)
    External lua config file for use with ezample panel ExtConfig.helm
    Router Pick (1.3 MiB)
    Routerbus source dynamic assignment.

Icon of Device Panels Device Panels

Icon of Helm Panels Helm Panels

    Salvo Demo (67 KiB)
    Demo panel showing salvo triggering

Icon of Visual Controls Visual Controls

    Button Sample (1.3 MiB)
    Panel illustrating all the different kinds of buttons
    Table Dataset Example (0.9 MiB)
    Sample panel showing how to connect a Table with an Excel file using the SQL Dataset device
    Table Lua Example (0.9 MiB)
    Example of how to use lua to put and get data with Helm Table control
    Text Sample (0.8 MiB)
    A panel showing different kinds of text controls
    Time-format-panel (0.9 MiB)
    Example of different custom timer format strings and their results.
Complex Router Take
Complex Router Take
complex rtr take.helm
44 KiB