RouteMaster Web Panels – Getting started.

When you install RouteMaster, a selection of pre-built panels are included. Once RouteMaster is configured and running, you can access web panels by entering RouteMaster’s IP address in your browser (e.g. )

You’ll see the sample panels, shown like this

Clicking on one of the panels will launch it.

You can use the sample panels to control the configured router. All changes made on the router will tally back to any connected panels.

Designing your own panels

To design your own panels, you’ll need a licensed copy of either RouteMaster Web Designer, or Helm Designer. The process is identical in both products.

The editable versions of the sample panels are installed in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Rascular\Routemaster\Sample WebPanels as part of RouteMaster.

You can open them directly from Helm. Sample panels are built using a ‘dummy router’, so the can be tested internally within Helm Designer as ‘local’ panels, without publishing them to RouteMaster.

Publishing panels to RouteMaster

You can publish panels to RouteMaster directly from Helm Designer, if you’re running Helm Designer on the same PC as RouteMaster.

First, make sure that you’ve selected RouteMaster WebPanels in the Options dialog. The WebPanel Folder should match the folder specified in the RouteMaster Client settings for Web Panels.

Then, to  publish a new or updated panel from Helm, select “File/Publish To…” from the main menu. The panel will be converted to the required format and stored in a  folder with the chosen name. You can copy panels from on PC to another simply by copying the relevant folders in this directory.