RouteMaster VR Lite – FAQ

Do I need a powerful PC to switch 4K Video?

No, because the NDI video streams don’t pass through the PC. RouteMaster just instructs the NDI receiver which source it should receive, so there’s hardly any network traffic to or from RouteMaster Lite itself.

The video streams displayed in the User Interface are low-quality NDI previews, again requiring very little bandwidth.

What NDI devices will RouteMaster VR Lite work with?

RouteMaster VR Lite is built with NewTek’s standard NDI SDK, so should work with any NDI compatible device, including HX devices

What happens to my video if RouteMaster VR Lite stops running?

Video will keep flowing uninterrupted, because it doesn’t pass through the PC.

How fast can I switch sources?

Source switching should is almost instantaneous, taking just one or two video frames. However, there are some circumstances where switching may be significantly slower

  • Sources that are using older NDI SDK firmware (approx. pre NDI V4.1) can take one second to switch.
  • Some test pattern sources effectively transmit at only one or two frames per second, so will be slow to switch.
  • In some cases, sources using NDI Multicast mode can give faster switching performance, but you should be aware of the implications of this for network traffic

Can I expand beyond a 20×20 router, or have more than four clients?

RouteMaster VR can handle routers up to 2048×2048, with hundreds of clients, and lots of additional features. Contact us to find out more.

What browsers do the Web Panels work with?

Pretty much anything that’s up to date, on computers, tablets and phones. What Web Browsers can run RouteMaster Web Panels?

Can I design my own Web Panels?

Only with RouteMaster VR, not the Lite version. You’d also need our Helm Designer application.