RouteMaster Version History

V1.2.0 28-NOV-2016

  • WebPanel code converted to Typescript
  • Web module loading via require.js
  • Support username/password for Leitch routers
  • Use ellipsis when names are too long for buttons
  • Added Bidirectional routes (MRV, etc)
  • Fix VM3000 emulator with ZA replies
  • Changes for compatibility with Rascular Web Centre
  • Fix for Sierra Aspen AFV switch
  • JQuery upgrade

V1.0.5 30-JUN-2015

  • Added Kramer 3000 Router control
  • Added RouteMaster WebSocket as control protocol

V1.0.4 14-MAY-2105

  • Added NVision Router emulation
  • Added VM300 emulation
  • Added Utah Scientific router emulation
  • Fix persistence of WebPanel configuration
  • Reworked “index” page for web panels
  • Added missing packet counters
  • Support picture opacity in webpanels


  • Mapping support

V1.0.2.1 12-AUG-2014

  • Fix recursion crash when router connection fails
  • Improved Pro-bel router debug output

V1.0.2.0 07-MAY-2014

  • Rebranded with New logo, etc.
  • Add: Pro-bel General Switcher now supports multiple levels
  • Fix: Pro-bel GSW ‘Extended Connect’ message (both control and emulation)

V1.0.1.7 27-MAR-2014

  • Fix for Probel GSW sources/dests > 127
  • Fix for GVG native checksum issues

V1.0.1.6 26-MAR-2014

  • Sierra Aspen protocol emulation (preliminary)
  • Fix for Probel sources/dests > 127
  • Fix for installer rollback problems
  • Support for Javascript in button scripts
  • Stack router support (preliminary)
  • Fix for Output Selectors

V1.0.1.5  28-FEB-2014

  • GVG Native mode : Router support and emulation (preliminary)
  • Fix for router licensing size bug

V1.0.1.4  20-FEB-2014

  • Web Panels: Group Selector bugfix
  • Allow subfolder navigation from Web Panels root
  • Access web panels directly from RouteMaster UI.

V1.0.1.3  07-FEB-2014

  • Config: Fix crash if no master router selected
  • Config: Input/Output group editing
  • Licensing : check number and size of routers
  • Web Panels: status banner and background fixes
  • Web Panels: Support for Font Styles and Button text offets
  • Web Panels: Support for Level Selectors, InputGroupSelectors and OutputGroupSelectors
  • Web Panels: JSQuery 2.1.0
  • Web Panels: Support user-configurable websocket port
  • Web Panels: Includes 3 sample WebPanels
  • Web Panels centred in browser window

V1.0 RC – 17-JAN-2014

  • Changes to Router Configuration Dialog
    • Allows multiple routers to be configured, and for switching between different ‘Master Routers’. This change enables future expansions with multiple router control.
    • Router Name Tables (for routers without protocol name support) can be edited. These are now saved as part of the configuration.
  • Web panel enhancements: Note that changes to web panels in this version requires web panels to be re-published from Helm.
    • Web Panels will reconnect to Routemaster automatically
    • Support for text opacity in labels and buttons
    • Support for ButtonWidth/ButtonHeight in routerbuses, etc, using 9-patch scaling
    • Support for drop shadow (ShadowDistance) in text
    • Lock and Protect tallying on output selector buttons
    • Long-pressing an output selector button will lock/unlock an output.
    • Helm ‘buttons’ now appear on web panels, but cannot be pressed.
    • Panel files are now pure JSON with no HTML.
    • Directory index is transferred from server as JSON, allowing index.html to be customised
    • Browsers should now cache images correctly

V1.0.0.9 beta 25-NOV-2013

  • Client Configuration dialog
  • Client rx,tx and error counts.
  • Fix for level 1 onwards in Probel GR control

V1.0.0.7 alpha

  • Reliability improvements
  • Fix memory leak
  • Fix name display problems
  • Fix missing level columns after second start

V1.0.0.6 alpha 20-OCT-2013

  • Manual matrix sizing options

V1.0.0.5 alpha 18-OCT-2013

  • Fix serial port settings issues
  • Change default Web Panel folder to c:\ProgramData\Rascular\WebPanels
  • Display web index titles and logo even if no panels present
  • Fix crash on comms errors
  • Add status indicator (temporary fix!)