RouteMaster Screen Layout

Once RouteMaster is running this is what you see:

  1. Run button – starts the server, RED when active.
  2. Clients area – shows which control clients are connected.
  3. Router status – shows the input routed to each output by level.
  4. Log window – shows system messages.
  5. Router status LED – flashes GREEN when router is active.
  • You can view connected clients in detail by clicking the triangle icon on the left.
  • The Log Window is shown when you select the View Log menu command.
  • If RouteMaster has communication problem with the router(s) the Router Status will be RED or YELLOW and an error message will be shown.

When RouteMaster is in standby the screen looks like this:

The Client Area is not visible, and some menus are disabled. You need to be in Standby to configure the router.

Client Connection Status

When the server is running and clients are connected you can see the status of the various clients currently connected, in the Client Area.

Next to each protocol name you can see the number of clients connected. So here for example we have one client using WebPanel protocol.

By clicking on the arrow icons by the protocol name you can view the IP addresses of each client and communications stats are shown to allow you to monitor activity.