RouteMaster – Getting Started

To start using RouteMaster you need to do some basic configuration to connect it to your router system. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you begin.

Connect your router

Before RouteMaster can control your router there has to be a control connection between the PC running RouteMaster and the router system. This can either be an Ethernet connection or a serial connection depending on your router.

Start RouteMaster


Now you have your router connected you can start configuring RouteMaster. When you start RouteMaster for the first time you will see a screen like this. The Run button is not lit showing that the RouteMaster server is not running. In order to properly configure your router the server must be off, so if the Run button is lit please click it to turn off the server.

Add a router


Use the Settings / Configure Routers… menu to open the Manage Routers dialog box (above).

The first step is to add a router by clicking the Add Physical Router .. button.

Configure the router


This dialog let’s you select the settings needed for your router.

1 – Give the router a name in your system

2 – Choose the communications protocol

3 – Set up the serial port, or

4 – Set the TCP/IP (Ethernet) parameters i.e. IP Address and port number

5 – Set up the number of sources, destinations and levels of your router.

Click OK to save the settings

Select the Master Router for your system


The router we just configured in the previous step is now in the list. The last thing we must do before we can begin is to select the Master Router for our system. In this case the choice is easy – we only have one router. So select it as the Master Router and click OK.

Start the RouteMaster server


Click the Run button to start the RouteMaster server. You’ll see that the screen changes to show you:

a) Clients connected (LEFT)
b) Crosspoint status (RIGHT)

You also have two important status indications:

1) Run LED -lights Green if the server is OK

2) Router connection status LED flashes green if communication with the router is OK

Ready to go

Now you have a basic configuration that will let you connect to RouteMaster with various control clients and see crosspoints switching. There are more features of RouteMaster that are described in detail further on in this manual.

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