Rascular WebCentre

Rascular WebCentre is the web server at the heart of the Helm Web Panels system. Users visit the WebCentre homepage URL to select and launch panels, using a web browser. WebCentre is based on the NGINX open-source high-performance web server integrated with the PHP server-side scripting language.

Installation Overview

WebCentre supports Windows 7,10 and later. A server-class operating system such as Windows Server 2012 can also be used.

WebCentre is installed using a conventional Windows Installer process.

Software Downloads

Rascular WebCentre 2.3.7 Install (36.0 MiB)

Rascular WebCentre 2.4.0 Install (36.7 MiB)

The installer  creates and starts two Windows Services, viewable using the Administrative Tools/Services application.

  1. Rascular WebCentre. This is the NGINX-based WebServer responsible for delivering panels and assets to clients.
  2. Rascular WebCentre PHP. This is the PHP script interpreter, used in conjunction with nginx for server-side processing.

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