PixelPower Clarity

Helm supports PixelPower Clarity devices over TCP/IP, via the Pixelpower XML  protocol. Here’s a quick video tutorial showing the basics of controlling the Clarity CG.

The Helm Clarity interface supports all standard properties and script actions of basic Helm devices, and the following additional ones:

Script Action Parameters
LoadJob (Job Name) Load CG Job

  • Job Name :

Example: CLARITY_1:LoadJob( “” )

Reconnect () Reestablish TCP/IP Comms
Example: CLARITY_1:Reconnect( )
SaveJob (Job Name) Save CG Job

  • Job Name :

Example: CLARITY_1:SaveJob( “” )

SetIPAddress (IP Address) Set a new IP Address for this device

  • IP Address : New IP Address to connect to

Example: CLARITY_1:SetIPAddress( “” )

StopPage () Stop current page
Example: CLARITY_1:StopPage( )
Take () Take cued page to air
Example: CLARITY_1:Take( )
UpdateField (Page Number, Field ID, Field Data) Update Text Field

  • Page Number :
  • Field ID :
  • Field Data :

Example: CLARITY_1:UpdateField( 1, 1, “” )


Property Description
ConnectTimeout TCP/IP Connection timeout
CurrentJob Name of current Job
CurrentPreviewPage Name of preview page
CurrentProgramPage Name of current page
FeedbackPort TCP/IP Port use for feedback
IP_Address TCP/IP Address
JobPages List of available job pages
Port TCP/IP Port use for control
ReadTimeout TCP/IP Read timeout
PreviewImage Image property – allows dynamic ‘thumbnail’ of preview to be shown on panel.
ProgramImage Image property – allows dynamic ‘thumbnail’ of program to be shown on panel.