Installing Product Licenses

Licenses for Rascular products are typically supplied by email as files with an extension of .lice. Installation of these files simply involves placing them in the application’s main directory.

Locate the application directory

On English versions of Windows, this is typically C:\Program Files\Rascular\<PRODUCTNAME> for 32-bit systems, or C:\Program Files (x86)\Rascular\<PRODUCTNAME>for 64-bit ones.

Copy the .lice file into the application directory

The filename of the supplied license file should not be changed. Sometimes a license will be issued which supersedes a previous file. In this case the older file should be deleted or renamed with a different extension.

Most products accept multiple license files in the same directory, to extend the products capabilities.

Start the application

If the application was running, it must be restarted for the license file to be detected.,

Verify that the license was correctly read

For  WIndows applications like Helm, choose Help/About… from the main menu. Any licenses detected will be listed. Temporary license for evaluation will show an expiry date.

Licensing for WebCentre

For Rascular WebCentre, licensing details can be seen by visiting the URL https://<>/system/config

If there’s no valid license, you’ll see a screen like this if accessing WebCentre. Please click on the email link, and relevant diagnostic info will be attached to your email automatically.