Imagestore Audio Shuffling

Helm has functions to control Audio Shuffling on all models of Imagestore.

However, the audio processing hardware (and hence the control API) is very different between ‘classic’ Imagestore-2 units and the newer IS-750 and LGK-3901 models. Imagestore-2 only supports four mono channels per input signal, while IS-750 supports 16.

Imagestore 2 Family

Helm provides a script command to setup individual input shuffles on IS2. These commands are often used to create script presets , rather than letting operators have control over individual crosspoints.


AudioInShuffle(Input, Channels,
Input1, Input2,Input3,Input4)
Shuffle audio inputs.

  • Input = input to adjust
  • Channels = channels to adjust
  • Input 1..4 = use input for this shuffle

IS_1:AudioInShuffle(A Input, 1, true, false, true, false)


As an example, a ‘straight-through’ button would have a script like this.

IS2:AudioInShuffle(A Input, 1, true, false, false, false)
IS2:AudioInShuffle(A Input, 2, false, true, false, false)
IS2:AudioInShuffle(A Input, 3, false, false, true, false)
IS2:AudioInShuffle(A Input, 4, false, false, false, true)

Helm does not offer control of output shuffles on IS2, and does not allow the current state of individual crosspoints to be displayed.

Imagestore 750 family

The increased number of channels make adjustment of individual crosspoints even more complex and error-prone, so newer Imagestores also support Shuffle and Gain preset files.

These are xml files which can be downloaded and uploaded into the unit via the Imagestore’s web interface.

Helm still offers the four-channel shuffles shown above, but in most cases the use of presets is much more powerful and flexible.

Presets are managed using Helm ‘properties’. The IS750 has the following properties available


AudioAIn:ShufflePreset Name of the current shuffle preset for input A
AudioBIn:ShufflePreset Name of the current shuffle preset for input A
Voiceover1In:ShufflePreset Name of the current shuffle preset for Voiceover 1
Voiceover2In:ShufflePreset Name of the current shuffle preset for voiceover 2
AudioOut:ShufflePreset Name of the current shuffle preset for the main audio output
ShufflePresets List of available audio shuffle presets. Typically bound to a dropdown control


You can link these properties directly to labels to display the current preset. To select a preset, use a script like this.

IS750:Set(AudioAIn:ShufflePreset, "mypreset.xml")