How to add button types in Helm

Here at Rascular the mission of our company is to make life easier for people working in TV. So in that spirit we also provide the ability in Helm to customise the Parts Bin and add your own button types. It all done in a file called ‘buttons.txt’

Where is buttons.txt?


Here it is, in C:\Program Files (x86)\Rascular\HELM Designer

It’s a simple text file that you can edit with Notepad, or your favourite text editor.

What is the structure of button.txt?


Each button definition starts with the button name in square brackets, followed by the various properties of the button underneath as name=value pairs.

Just to demonstrate, I’ve copy-pasted the RoundButton and renamed it as DiamondButton.

Now when I start Helm Designer I see a new button type in the Parts Bin

New button type added


And there it is.

One could easily customise the graphics and text of this new button to be whatever is required.