Helm Version History

HELM V4.4.0.1 – 24-JAN-2017

  • Elemental : Add Stop/Start/Pause/Unpause Outputs and OutputGroups
  • Elemental : ‘URL’ instead of ‘IPAddress’
  • Elemental : Now requires Live 2.10 or later
  • Elemental: Proxy authentication added
  • Facebook: First release
  • Lua: Pass tables to Helm functions
  • Lua: Helm functions can return values to Lua

HELM V4.3.0.6 – 24-NOV-2016

  • Fix: Theming of Font styles (Bold/Italic/Underscore) didn’t work on certain components.
  • Theming of Table HeaderFont now defaults to Table’s standard font.
  • Add: OnClick and OnRelease to Faders (e.g. for Shuttle controls)
  • Add: Cue and Jog script actions for Harmonic Spectrum
  • Fix accidental re-theming of reoot panel when loading panel files.
  • Fix missing “T” from certain component names
  • Fix default text for Labels

HELM V4.3.0.5 – 21-NOV-2016

  • Elemental : Add “Put” command (for updating event)
  • Elemental : Add EventXML Property (read-only)  to read/modify all event parameters
  • Output Selector : Add SourceLabels property to allow current sources to be shown per output.
  • Themes : Fix “TextTop” and “TextLeft” properties
  • Themes: Root Panel in systheme.txt was borderless

HELM V4.3.0.4 – 13-NOV-2016

  • Fix: Crash when starting Helm runtime with certain panels

HELM V4.3.0.2 – 9-NOV-2016

  • Beta: Web Panel support
  • Fix: Improved compatibility with certain panels
  • Add: Elemental Live support
  • Add: VLC Player window
  • Add: Improved Theming system
  • Fix : Runtime closes properly panel can’t be opened.
  • Add: Helm Clockwork Sequencer
  • Add: Kramer 3000 and 2000 protocol support
  • Add: RatsNest router graphic
  • Fix: Improved SNMP walking

HELM V4.2.0 – 20-JUL-2015

This version introduces significant changes and improvements to Lua scripting support. 

  • Add: direct access to objects, properties and methods without need for helm.set/helm.exec
  • Add: helm.set and helm.exec allow tables of device names
  • Change: Lua 5.1 now uses separate DLL, giving compatibility with many more Lua binary packages
  • Add: full LuaSocket library now provided
  • Change: Lua DLLs and source files now use standard search paths
  • Add: PollInterval property exposed for all relevant devices
  • Add: Midi support for NoteOn/NoteOff commands (e.g. Novation Launchpad)
  • Add: Midi “SendMessage” command for constructing and sending any Midi message
  • Add: Kramer 3000 Protocol router
  • Add: Table control, with integration for Databases and Server clip lists
  • Add: ‘Hover’ graphics for buttons.
  • Add: Helm ClockWork schedules can now automatically persist to a file.

HELM V4.1.5.0 – 30-MAR-2015

  • Add: RouterBus/ButtonBus: All buttons with caption “-” are automatically disabled
  • Fix: RouterBus: Changing SignalGroup should not affect all routerbuses
  • Fix: Assorted fixes for GVG Router Control
  • Add: Panel Resize command to destructively resize a panel in Designer
  • Change: Thumbnail/ImageBrowser/ImagePicker : “Imagestore” property is now called “Branding Device”
  • Change: IS750Router: Component is now called “BrandingRouter”
  • Fix: Crash if editing scripty which referred to a missing component
  • Fix: Auto-complete in Script Editor is now disabled
  • Add: BarnFind One as specific device
  • Fix: Setting IP Address only affects primary device if a shadow device is assigned
  • Add: Theme mechanism changed to allow multiple “cascaded” themes. “theme.txt” is a system theme and should not be modified by users. (in particular, new installs may overwrite it) If “usertheme.txt” is present it can augment/replace values from the system theme.
  • Add: ListBox: Filter property allows items to be filtered with wildcard
  • Fix: ListBox works correctly with Name/Value pairs
  • Add: Panels can be saved/loaded as XML files
  • Add: Utah Scientific Router support
  • Fix: Browser: Correct column width for VsReport style.
  • Fix: Harmonic Spectrum: Handle empty dirtector address correctly
  • Add: Lua : Allow wild-card component names with helm.set()
  • Add: Harmonic Spectrum: Recue and  Refresh functions and TimecodeCountdown property.
  • Fix: Harmonic ChannelPort: Fix thumbnails for dual branding SD/HD systems
  • Add: Harmonic ChannelPort: Support for internal front-end router
  • Fix: Update Group Selectors when changes received from Router
  • Add: BringToFront and SendToBack commands for visual ordering
  • Add: RouteMaster device

HELM V4.1.3.2 – 23-OCT-2014

  • Fix: Corrected runtime version number
  • Fix: Potential hang when closing panels
  • Add: lua function : helm.getDataSource(device, sourceName) for reading datasources
  • Fix: RouterBus : Setting ArmedInput to disabled buttons is now blocked
  • Add: RouterBus: CurrentInput can be set with the bus’s button number to make a route

HELM V4.1.3.1 – 14-OCT-2014

  • Fixed: bug when exiting panel with disconnected devices, esp. routers
  • Imagine IconStation – support both UTF-8 and UTF-16 modes
  • Fixed : memory leak when calling Lua scripts
  • Added ListBox visual control
  • Added “ClipIndex” property for Harmonic Spectrum
  • Added “UnloadClip” function  for Harmonic Spectrum
  • Four Voiceover support for Imagestore.
  • Fix: Five-second connect timeout on TCP devices
  • Blackmagic Smartview control (experimental)
  • Fix for assigning strings to properties in scripts
  • GVG Kaleido – bug fixes
  • GVG iControl/Densite : fix bug with disconnected devices
  • Clockwork : Added “AddEventDelayed” function

HELM V4.1.2.4 – 1-AUG-2014

  • New StretchMode property for Images and Root Panel – allows many different image stretch modes
  • Automatic text wrap for labels and buttons
  • Root Panel color will show through if transparent image is used as background
  • TickColor property for audiio meter
  • FrameColor property for Thumbnails
  • Fix for floating-point properties in locales where decimal separator is not ‘.’
  • Fix Thumbnail’s ImageName getting cleared when mode was “ShowSelected”

HELM V4.1.2.1 – 5-JUNE-2014

  • Added SecondaryTrack property for improved fader visuals
  • Fix crash when opening panels for editing from windows
  • File paths referenced from theme are now relative to theme file
  • Sierra Aspen control – bug fixes
  • Fix crash when debugging lua scripts
  • Fix hang when asttempting connection to missing Probel routers
  • Fix for Harris Iconstation driver
  • Allow theming of Root Panel
  • Stretch property of Root Panel now available

HELM V4.1.1.0 – 7-MAY-2014

  • Rebranded with 2014 Rascular logo etc
  • Add Probel General Switcher multi-level support. Uses level sizes reported by router if supported
  • Add ArmedInput property for Router Buses
  • Add “OnCloseUp” event for DropDowen controls. Triggered when dropdown ‘closes’
  • Add Sierra Video Aspen router support (preliminary)
  • Add Miranda Densite support
  • Router Input/Output/Level names can now be rewritten from scripts
  • Fix Helm Runtime crash when theme graphics cant be found
  • Fix rare Helm Runtime startup crash

HELM V4.1.0.5 – 19-MAR-2014

HELM V4.1.0.2 – 05-FEB-2014

  • Font Styles and offsets exported to web panels
  • Fix for Axon enumeration crash in

HELM V4.1.0.1 – 24-JAN-2014

  • Font Opacity/PointSize/Color and name properties now scriptable for all components.

HELM V4.1.0.0 – 20-JAN-2014

  • Added LevelSelector, OutputGroupSelector and InputGroupSelector controls for routers
  • Allow multiple rows for Router Busses, etc.
  • Updated designer colour scheme
  • “Theming” support for default controls
  • “Long click” on Output selectors can now Lock/Unlock the output.
  • Lock and protect tallying for dummy router
  • Lock and protect support for Sublime routers
  • Panel Export for routemaster changed to match RouteMaster V1.0RC
  • Fix for problem with WebBrowsers not working under Helm Runtime
  • Fixed Font opacity

HELM V4.0.6.9 – 26-Nov-2013

  • Fix for using LGK with Helm’s IS750 driver
  • Patch to Indy for faster TCP/IP Connections
  • Cache image directories for faster imagepickers, etc.
  • Fix selection bugs with hidden controls and component filter
  • ‘Select Similar” ignores hidden components
  • Fix redraw issues in designer when Visible=false at design-time
  • Fix crash while closing panels using JLCooper controllers
  • Fix Probel General Remote startup bug when router has multiple levels
  • TCP/Serial devices (eg JL Cooper) can be set “Closed” at design time, preventing unwanted connection
  • Fix for moving/positioning Web Browsers in designer.

HELM V4.0.6.7 – 1-Nov-2013

  • Root Panel : Add ‘Log’ command
  • Added Blackmagic Videohub support
  • UI : Major changes to panel redrawing – please report any issues
  • JLCooper : Queue all commands via separate thread for speed
  • Designer :Fix error when no valid favourites file
  • Clockwork: Fix crash if engine not linked to manager
  • Designer : Component filter now doesn’t break Z-ordering
  • Thumbnails : Fix crash setting “Imagestore” property

HELM V4.0.6.6 – 27-Sep-2013

  • Routers: Temporarily Remove LPR inquiry from NV9000
  • Image : Use browser thumbnail if file format is not recognized
  • Root Panel : Description property
  • Axon : Fix for string properties modifying property #0
  • Make default router input/output names shorter
  • Flag errors with device/property names in lua scripts
  • Clockwork : Event Types dialog now resizeable
  • Script Editor : adjustable tab widths
  • Script Editor : Use tabs instead of space characters
  • Script Editor : fix occasional crash
  • Routemaster : Exports router panels as WebPanels (alpha)

HELM V4.0.6.5 – 28-Aug-2013

  • Routers: Corrected TakeRoute and Copyoutput script bug from
  • Dropdowns : Prevent circular updates
  • Indicator : Allows empty pictures
  • Omneon : Available players now listed in dropdown
  • Omneon : Clip progress property
  • Omneon : Player state property now works correctly

HELM V4.0.6.4 – 22-Aug-2013

  • RootPanel: Fixed RootPanel.Exit problem
  • Designer: Added component filter
  • TCP/Serial connection dialog : restructured
  • Sublime Router: Fixed TCP reconnection issue
  • Axon : Handle ErrorStatus for null connections

HELM V4.0.6.3 – 16-Aug-2013

  • Routers: Handle lock/protect out of range
  • Remove old debug

HELM V4.0.6.2 – 16-Aug-2013

  • Axon : ErrorStatus and onError/onErrorCleared were not working
  • RootPanel : Added OnAfterDisconnect event for final shutdown script.

HELM V4.0.6.1 – 15-Aug-2013

  • Clockwork : Corrected ‘Next run’ issue after loading events
  • Clockwork : Event type colors now used correctly
  • Clockwork : Manager View is now sortable via all columns
  • Modular : Address problem loading files containing unnamed objects
  • Installer : Check during install process for valid support license.
  • Panel Files : Speed-up when using debug format files (internal)

HELM V4.0.6.0 – 8-Aug-2013

  • Visual Controls: added OnPropertyChange event for Labels
  • Clockwork: New “Event types” dialog in designer
  • Clockwork: Fixed ‘Repeat’ not being saved in ckxml
  • Clockwork: Parameters can now be configurted as Int, String, Enums
  • Clockwork: Added LoadSchedule, saveSchedule and AddEvent script functions.
  • Clockwork: Added Event copy and paste
  • Clockwork: Allow deletion of multiple events.
  • Axon: Prevent splitting of property names containing forward slashes
  • TCP/IP devices: Fix for infrequent ‘already connected’ problem.

HELM V4.0.5.3 – 15-July-2013

  • Visual Controls: Added Indicator control (still experimental at this point)
  • Clockwork: Fixed crash using Clockwork in runtime panels

HELM V4.0.5.2 – 27-June-2013

  • Nvision : Fix for lock and protect
  • NVision : Lock and protect tallying
  • RouterBus : New LockIcon property for overlayed image on locked/protected buses
  • OutputSelector : New LockIcon property for overlayed image on locked/protected buses

HELM V4.0.5.1 – 24-June-2013

  • Help : Link to support website
  • Help : Helm Manual included in installer (and available from helm menu)
  • Help : Device reference help included in installer
  • Help : Context-sensitive help via F1 key for devices on panel and in parts bin.
  • Nvision : Fix for lock and protect bug
  • RollCall : Uses supervisor mode for connection to get additional properties
  • RollCall : Card status display fixed (supervisor mode)
  • Lua : Added Lua sqllite bindings
  • RootPanel : Dynamically add panel components via scripting
  • RootPanel : added ForceCrash command for debugging scripts
  • RouterBus, RadioGroup : buttonWidth and buttonHeight properties for easy button resizing
  • RouterBus : ‘Armed’ Image could not be changed.
  • Routerbus : Allow arm and taske to work correctly with group maps
  • Clockwork : Colour-coding for events
  • Clockwork : minor bug fixes

HELM V4.0.4.6 – 10-May-2013

  • Script Editor : Window position/size now preserved
  • Routers : Fix problem with Output Selectors combined with GroupMap
  • Dropdown : Fix for Name/Value pairs with property links
  • Axon : Fix for partially filled racks
  • Clockwork : Support four parameters
  • Clockwork : Fix popup menu bugs
  • Clockwork : Fix crash if engine not configured
  • Clockwork : Event Repeat type not loaded correctly

HELM V4.0.4.5 – 30-MAR-2013

  • Modular : Can now select frame IP, and slot dynamically
  • JL Cooper : Rackshot frame IP can be set dynamically

HELM V4.0.4.4

  • Imagestore : Added DSKn_Image propertiesImagestore :
  • Imagestore: Added DSKn_Imagechanged events
  • Thumbnail: added ImageChanged event
  • Radio Buttons : Fixed some edge cases with enum names

HELM V4.0.4.3 Released 28-FEB-2013

  • Channelport : Support for thumbnail previews of H264/FLV, etc when Windows explorer thumbnailing is available. Requires 3rd party K-Lite codec pack
  • VDCP: Support of Unicode clip names

HELM V4.0.4.2 – 14-FEB-2013

  • RollCall : remove duplicated name portions in certain properties “eg “System/System/Setup” becomes “/System/Setup”
  • RollCall : improved heuristic for determining names of enumeration types
  • RollCall : send SP_IAM packets to prevent session termination
  • Clockwork : first customer release

HELM V4.0.4.0 – 7-FEB-2013

  • Rollcall : Prevent cyclical enumeration of menus on some older cards
  • Clockwork : added as experimental device

HELM V4.0.3.9 – 1-FEB-2013

  • Added Expand all/Collapse all to script editor
  • Rollcall : Enumerates frames over Net bridges
  • Rollcall : Ignore panels, etc during enumeration
  • Rollcall : Use hex notation for board addresses
  • Rollcall : Reading property value via Lua could fail first time
  • Imagestore : added MixerState and MixerPreviewState properties
  • Imagestore : OnError/OnErrorClear handled correctly
  • Imagestore : Thumbnail images cleared when unit with blank addrees is selected
  • Designer : Improved speed of closing panels
  • Routers : Support for Arm and Take via Routerbus
  • Scripting : Color properties can now be set correctly from scripts

HELM V4.0.3.1 – 15-OCT-2012

  • Improved layer selection for Thumbnail controls in Designer
  • Moved Thumbnail,Browser/ImagePicker to “Branding” tree.
  • Fixed Intuition Keyer control issues
  • Script editor displays object and script name
  • Script editing support multiple objects
  • Unicode strings from Lua now work correctly
  • Support for Imagestore media files with Unicode names
  • Fix for multiple PCS Emulators on same panel

HELM V4.0.3.0 – 24-SEP-2012

  • Enhanced Omneon Spectrum control
  • Omneon ChannelPort support
  • “Select Similar” designer function
  • Designer brings focussed comonent into view
  • Button stretching now preserves edge and corner details.
  • Fix for Axon crash on enumeration
  • Fix for IS750 shuffle/gain presets
  • Initial OpenGear support

HELM V4.0.1.1 – 13-JUL-2012

  • Added property link descriptions
  • Fixed image browser bugs
  • Bug submissions direct to Fogbugz
  • Imagestore PreviewMode now hidden in designer

HELM V4.0.0.2 beta

  • First public beta of Helm 4.

HELM V4.0.0.6 beta

  • Fixed a variety of RollNet issues
  • Added Lua Debug and stack traces on load and runtime errors
  • Added global Logging Level parameter

HELM V4.0.0.8 beta

  • Fixed EEFACE exception with Imagestore driver

HELM V4.0.0.9 beta

  • Corrected file save problem with non-default parameters