Helm: Router Control

While it’s possible to control Helm Router devices using standard buttons and script actions, the Router Bus visual control makes it much easier.

When you drag a router bus onto the panel, a group of eight buttons appear. To make these buttons control a router output, all you need to do is edit the router property to a router device on your panel, and select the router output to be controlled.

The router bus device handles everything else, including receiving tallies from the router to show the current source.

The router bus is very configurable.

You can select the number of buttons, the spacing between buttons, and also choose new graphics for the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons.

Default source names will be shown, but you can override these with custom names.

Where the router supports querying of source names, these are automatically shown on the router bus.

You can place several router buses on a panel which all control the same output. This is useful if you want a panel which for example only gives access to sources 0-7 and 14-15 on a router. The first bus has 8 buttons, and the first input is 0, and the second bus has two buttons, with the first input set to 14.