Helm: Licensing

Helm uses two kinds of software licenses:

PC licenses

In order to design or edit Helm panels, your PC requires a Helm Designer license. This allows the Designer software to be installed and run on one PC, and allows you to test and use panels on that PC alone.

If you want to use your panels on other PCs, then each of those PCs requires a Helm PC license. The Helm PC license does not allow any kind of panel design or editing.

Device Licenses

In addition to PC licenses, you need a Device License for each physical unit of broadcast equipment you will be able to control via Helm.

For example, a system with Helm panels controlling a Network router, four Imagestores and a Miranda Kaleido multiviewer would require a total of six device licenses. Different devices require different device licenses.

Helm Licenses are supplied as files on disk or by email. Each license file may contain either PC licenses or Device licenses, or a combination of both. You should install the Device licenses on each PC for which you have a Helm Designer license, otherwise you will not be able to design panels controlling that type of device.

License files are installed by copying them into the appropriate application directory. For Helm designer, this is typically C:/Program Files/Rascular/Helm.