File browser

A file browser presents an operator with a window showing a list of files (either by name, or graphically) that are accessible to the Windows operating system. Scripts are triggered when an operator selects a file (one click), or opens it (double-click).

Thumbnails of graphics will be shown if the files are any of the image formats supported by Helm, and the ViewStyle property is set to vsIcon.

Helm FileBrowser control


Event Scripts
  OnDoubleClick Occurs when you double-click on a file in the browser.
  OnSelect Occurs when you single-click on a file in the browser.
Interaction Control
  Name Enter a unique name for the browser.
Filename [Runtime only] Returns the full filename of the currently selected file, including the path. Example: C:\Directory\filename.ext.
Filter Allows you to set filters which will exclude all file types except those specified.
*.* allows all file types; use the Edit Filter dialog to set more specific filters.
Items The filenames items in the browser. To change the items, use the Edit Items browser.
Path The default path when the browser is opened.
To change this, use the Edit Path dialog.
Selected [Runtime only] Returns the name/extension portion of the currently selected file.
Example: filename.ext.
Sorted True: items will be sorted alphabetically.
False: items will not be sorted.
ThumbHeight Enter the height of thumbnails, in pixels.
ThumbWidth Enter the width of thumbnails, in pixels.
ViewStyle Choose Icon, List, Report, or SmallIcon


Panel Layout
  Align See page 8.
  Height Height of the browser in pixels.
  Width Width of the browser in pixels.
  Left Left-hand pixel position of the browser.
  Top Top pixel position of the browser.
Visual Appearance
  BorderStyle The style for the border of the browser.
Select None, or bsSingle
  Color Choose a background colour for the browser, or create a colour (see page 6).
  Font The TrueType font used by the browser. To change font or font size, use the Font dialog.
  Visible True: makes the browser visible.
False: makes the browser invisible.


Refresh Refresh the browser contents.
Set Sets a property to a value.
[Property, Value]
SetFilter Sets the filter mask for the directory.
[Filter: type in a filter mask (e.g. *.jpg)]
SetPath Allows you to set the directory to be displayed.
[Path: type in the directory to be displayed]