Older versions

Previous versions of Rascular software. These are provided to assist with compatibility issues. We recommend you use the current version wherever possible.

    HELM Designer 4 0 6 0 Install (14.7 MiB)
    + Visual Controls: added OnPropertyChange event for Labels
    + Helm Clockwork: New "Event types" dialog in designer
    * Helm Clockwork: Fixed 'Repeat' not being saved in ckxml
    + Helm Clockwork: Parameters can now be configurted as Int, String, Enums
    + Helm Clockwork: Added LoadSchedule, saveSchedule and AddEvent script functions.
    + Helm Clockwork: Added Event copy and paste
    + Helm Clockwork: Allow deletion of multiple events.
    * Axon: Prevent splitting of property names containing forward slashes
    * TCP/IP devices: Fix for infrequent 'already connected' problem.
    HELM Designer 4 1 0 0 Install (14.9 MiB)
    + Added LevelSelector, OutputGroupSelector and InputGroupSelector controls for routers
    + Allow multiple rows for Router Busses, etc.
    + Updated designer colour scheme
    + "Theming" support for default controls
    + "Long click" on Output selectors can now Lock/Unlock the output.
    + Lock and protect tallying for dummy router
    + Lock and protect support for Sublime routers
    * Panel Export for routemaster changed to match RouteMaster V1.0RC
    * Fix for problem with WebBrowsers not working under Helm Runtime
    * Fixed Font opacity
    Mediant 2 1 2 0 Install (3.9 MiB)
    Support for Unicode filenames on Imagestores
    Fix for missing thumbnails on Linux-based devices
    Routemaster 1 0 0 9 Install (4.3 MiB)
    + Client Configuration dialog
    + Client rx,tx and error counts.
    * Fix for level 1 onwards in Probel GR control
    Routemaster 1 0 1 3 Install (5.9 MiB)
    Config: Fix crash if no master router selected
    Config: Input/Output group editing
    Licensing : check number and size of routers
    Web Panels: status banner and background fixes
    Web Panels: Support for Font Styles and Button text offets
    Web Panels: Support for Level Selectors, InputGroupSelectors and OutputGroupSelectors
    Web Panels: JSQuery 2.1.0
    Web Panels: Support user-configurable websocket port
    Web Panels: Includes 3 sample WebPanels
    Routemaster 1 0 1 4 Install (6.0 MiB)
    * Web Panels: Group Selector bugfix
    * Allow subfolder navigation from Web Panels root
    * Access web panels directly from RouteMaster UI.
    Routemaster 1 0 1 5 Install (6.0 MiB)
    * Fix for router licensing size bug
    * GVG Native mode : Router support and emulation (preliminary)